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DATE : 2014-10-04

Implementing Agency:

Commune of Blinisht

Project Partner:

Regional Center for Development and Cooperation – RCDC

Albanian Center for Civic Education, Media Literacy and Participation (CEAPAL)

Project Implementation Period:

01 February 2014 – 30 September 2014

(8 months)

Project Location:

Blinisht / Zadrima area Lezha Project Beneficiaries:

Local Tourism Businesses and Entrepreneurs, The Commune of Blinisht Major Activities:

  • kick off meeting
  • training on marketing services / product management for handicrafts and on hospitality management
  • stakeholder conference on destination marketing
  • drafting the role, setting up and train a Destination Marketing Unit (DMU)
  • preparation of programs for attractions
  • organizing the “Zadrima Fest”
  • preparation of the Destination Marketing Action Plan
  • establishment of a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and signing of an agreement between partners of the DMO
  • Closing meeting
Project Narrative: The project has three components: improvement of service quality and products of Zadrima through capacity building, the promotion of Zadrima as tourist destination and the establishment of structures for Destination Management. The upgrading of marketing services of local handicraft women will increase capacities on product management, promoting and selling products and eventually increase incomes. The quality of services by guest houses, B&B and hotel located in Zadrima will be increased through training in hospitality management. The area hides a wealth of touristic values that will be featured in thematic programs for tours to the most popular tourist attractions of the area. The organization of a local festive event aims to promote values and product of Zadrima and will demonstrate cultural, historic, religious and gastronomic  values. The establishment of a Destination Marketing Unit for Zadrima (DMU) is aiming at setting up a structure for tourism marketing that will bring wider benefits to the visitors and the community. The DMU will be part of the Commune of Blinisht. It will take over the marketing of the destination and is responsible for the implementation of the Destination Marketing Action Plan (DMAP). The DMAP will be prepared in full cooperation with the tourism stakeholders and serves as guiding document for destination management by setting out key actions and outlining also the responsibilities and tasks of the DMU. The establishment of a wider Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) will be marked by the signing of  an agreement of the DMO partners on the establishment and role of the DMO and the implementation of the Destination Marketing Concept.

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