Many coastal cities located in the Mediterranean area are interested by high touristic flows. Eventually, this creates relevant economic and employment opportunities, but at the same time generates negative externalities that threaten the preservation of those ecosystem services that ensure tourism attractiveness.

The development of sustainable tourism in coastal cities is therefore a strategic issue in the MED area. The CONSUME-LESS project tackles this issue by demonstrating the effectiveness of a sustainable tourism model based on the qualification of these coastal cities as “Consume-less” locations and on the enhancement of this peculiarity through an innovative communication and territorial marketing campaign; implemented both by directly involving all interested stakeholders such as tourists, local authorities, tourism operators & service providers.

The project brings multiple benefits that will be carefully monitored and accounted for through the usage of a suitable set of indicators, based on the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS).

The expected benefits include the following: 1) a reduction in water and energy consumption & waste generation,

2) the enhancement of local products and natural resources

3) an increase in tourism flows with the main aim of generating more awareness on the importance of adopting environmentally sound lifestyles.

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