“Cross-border network on sustainable tourism and innovative strategies of destination management and marketing to boost the natural and cultural heritage of the area” is the main theme of the workshop that will be held on Thursday, October 28, 2021 in Tirana.
This workshop is organized by the Regional Center for Development and Cooperation – RCDC Albania (www.rcdcalbania.org) in partnership with the Municipality of Brindisi in the framework of the project EXCELLENT-Cross-border experience for a sustainable development of tourism in the program area .
EXCELLENT is funded by the Interreg IPA Cross-Border Program Italy-Albania-Montenegro.
Project partners are: The Municipality of Brindisi (Italy), leading partner and RCDC Albania (http://www.rcdcalbania.org).
The main objective of EXCELLENT is to provide training and education for stakeholders (employees in the field of tourism, operators, public administration, residents, students, bloggers and media representatives, etc.) through two workshops that focus on the innovative design and management of tourism products.
The topics of these workshops, organized in Brindisi and Tirana, address destination management, marketing and communication strategies, local transport management, tools for improving young Europeans’ employability in the tourism sector and educating the culture of entrepreneurship within destinations.
The workshop that took place on Thursday, October 28, 2021 in Tirana aimed also to create a cross-border network of sustainable tourism as well as the management and marketing of the lesser-known destinations of the Italy-Albania-Montenegro cross-border region. It is addressed to SMEs and tourism operators, local experts in the field, representatives of the press and media, sector agencies and other economic operators in the program area.