Dissemination of the European measures for Renewable Energy Shared and Sustainable: analysis of a practical case

Project Summary

The project DE-RESS aims to spread the importance of common efficiency and sustainable energy plans in order to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in the public and private sector of the Programme area. Through two workshops and one incoming activity DE-RESS will reach private and public stakeholders in order to train them on new European measures and innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency, and show how these policies can change the quality of life and the economy of small and big communities. The final goal is to create strong connections between economic operators, general public and public bodies in order to promote the creation of new "Community Cooperatives", such as the one set up in Puglia (IT).

Main Outputs
    - Renewable energy community strategy

    Project Partnership

    Lead Partner
      Distretto Tecnologico Nazionale sull'Energia Scarl (IT) - Contacts: Angelo Raffaele Colucci - angelo.colucci[at]

      Project Partners
        Qendra për Bashkëpunim dhe Zhvillim Rajonal (AL)

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