Multiday Theory & Practice Classes on Intensive Surface Survey

The Regional Center for Development and Cooperation ( will conduct in Gjirokaster, Albania the Multiday Theory and Practice Classes on Intensive Surface Survey (Archaeology), an activity of the i-THEA project ( ) that will extend from the 11th till the 13th of November 2021.
All 3 days are professionally conducted by a group of renowned professors and experts with a distinctive academic and teaching contribution in the domain of Archaeology. This activity iscarefully designed and it targets 15+ students of the public universities across the region and more.
The classes are hosted in a combined and inviting environment of the UNESCO city of Gjirokastër, the ancient sites of Handrianopolis & Paleokastra situated in its suburbs as well as online via the Zoom Platform.
The last day, Saturday November 13, 2021 is dedicated to the public during which, the audience, mainly tourism stakeholders from the region of Gjirokaster, will appreciate the results achieved by the students during the 2 days of theory and practice, as prepared and presented by the students.
We invite you to join us on this day at Te Cube meeting corner in the heart of Gjirokaster Bazaar or via the Zoom platform.
For more information, find attached the detailed agenda of these courses and the public day.
Confirm participation by emailing us at: or calling us at: 0694007900
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RCDC wishes to thank the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Gjirokaster for the support provided for the realisation of these classes and the Partnership of i-Thea for the fruitful cooperation.