The Regional Center for Development and Cooperation joined forces with the Development Agency of Epirus S.A., Ioannina Region Hotels Association, the National Tourism Agency of Albania and the Institution of Prefect in Gjirokastra Region under THEMA project two years ago. THEMA aims to improve tourist’s experience in the cross-border area and enhance and promote its natural and cultural heritage through smart and new technologies.

The overall objective of THEMA is twofold: (i) to improve the overall user experience that acts as a tourist in the cross-border region and (ii) to enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the region through smart technology and thematic tourism.

This leads to the provision of quality services that are estimated to attract new audience (young people, fans of thematic tourism) and extend their visit in the area. Through the thematic routes and the mobile app, a variety of options and content is presented to the user, while, through the rewarding mechanism, the tourist has additional motivations.

THEMA results include a common interregional and transnational brand name and the establishment of common thematic routes and touristic packages. Also, through the rewarding mechanism, THEMA occupies local businesses in its process that, in association and collaboration with tour operators and tour agents, can lead to the promotion and enhancement of thematic tourism, boosting the tourism industry in the cross-border area of interest.

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